Wallace’s “Final Confession” To Be Filmed in Chicago

    On July 10th Brian Wallace did a satellite interview at Channel 5 which aired on WGN in Chicago concerning his book “Final Confession.” That was the first book written by Wallace in 2001 and which continues to sell well. WGN’s Larry Potash, who grew up in Lynn and graduated from Emerson College, recently read “Final Confession” He immediately identified with the Boston and Chicago landscapes which permeate the book. Potash especially liked the chapter about the Kay Jewelry robbery in Lynn, which was blocks from where he grew up.

    Potash convinced his station higher-ups to shoot a six series pilot on “Final Confession” in November and see if it will be picked up by one of the larger stations like Netflix or Hulu or one of the Hollywood Studios. “When Larry Potash called me and said they would like to do something with my book, I thought he was talking about ‘From Broken Glass,” Brian Wallace stated. ,“From Broken Glass” will be the subject of a feature on The Today Show on July 29th. But, it was the book that wouldn’t die, “Final Confession” which they had their sights set on. “In this business, you never know, I guess. But I’ll take it.” Wallace laughed.  “They also did a ten minute piece on “From Broken Glass” which was a bonus.”