Wallace’s “From Broken Glass” Book Back To Southie September 24th

    On Sunday, July 29th, the Today Show featured a segment on the book “From Broken Glass” and more importantly on the life of Steve Ross. The show and the book sales went viral, and Amazon was caught totally off guard, as they completely sold out all the books they had within four hours. “From Broken Glass” written by Brian Wallace, Glen Frank, and Steve Ross rose to the #1 Kindle book and the #2 Hardcover on Amazon. It also became the #2 book sold in Barnes & Noble and #1 in Europe.


    Amazon has since replenished their stock but the buzz about the Steve Ross book has not died down, and sales are brisk everywhere. Many people from South Boston, where Steve made his name as a youth worker at the Old Harbor project, have already purchased books and are asked to come to the Library on East Broadway on September 24th to have them signed and to listen to a talk by the authors and the film that was shown nationally on The Today Show. If you haven’t purchased a book yet, you will be able to do so that night at the Library and have it signed there.


    Brian Wallace sent a special thanks out to his many friends from South Boston who have been so supportive throughout the entire process. “I got a frantic call on July 29th from an old Southie friend, who screamed into the phone that our book was #1 on Amazon. It was funny, but as the song goes, “They’ll make you or break you, but they’ll never forsake you.” No more accurate statement could have been said, written or sung about the people who grew up in South Boston. I sincerely look forward to seeing all of you at the Library on East Broadway on the 24th.