White Ribbons For Amy Lord

The only reason that this story merits attention is that it gives the folks from South Boston this chance to fondly remember Amy Lord, who in 2013 was a happy-go-lucky resident of this neighborhood but was randomly and senselessly murdered by Edwin Alemany.

Alemany, first kidnapped her and then made her with withdraw money at several ATMs. Attempting to use an insanity defense, he was convicted of her murder in 2015. He is now asking the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) for a new trial. On Monday of last week, his attorney presented his appeal to the SJC, arguing that, among other things, the jury instructions and the opening and closing statements during the 2015 trial were improper. “We had a trial that was 16 days, on 17 indictments, with hundreds, dozens of witnesses, the prejudice comes in confusing the jury,” attorney Andrew Crouch said. There is no timetable on when the court may rule. Alemany is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

In memoriam, here is a re-print of the Letter To South Boston that Amy Lord’s family sent to the community.

Dear South Boston,

We want to send our thanks to all the members of the South Boston Community. We know your hearts are breaking right now for Amy and our family. Amy grew up in a wonderful, small community town. When she moved to Boston, she was looking for the same feeling and she found it in Southie. She could sense immediately that there was a strong, family-like community that existed there. She knew that she was one of the “newbies” and had a lot to learn, but she was anxious to be part of your community.

She loved everything about it. She found doctor’s offices and felt at home. Thanks to a long-time resident, she found a neighborhood mechanic she trusted and, of course, Castle Island and Sullivan’s.

Since this tragedy has happened our hometown, Wilbraham, has embraced our family in their love and support. Friends, neighbors – everyone – have been trying to think of anything they can do to support us. One of the things they have done is to place white ribbons throughout the neighborhood and around town.

Someone close to us shared the statement below that was put on Facebook by the South Boston Community.

Our family was incredibly touched. This is a perfect example of the close, caring community that Amy knew existed. Tragedy can and does strike in places and ways that are unimaginable, and we want everyone to know that we will never believe that it defines the South Boston Community.

Thank you so much for your show of solidarity and connection to us. But, most importantly, thank you for embracing Amy. We are sure she is smiling in the vibrant, infectious and loving way that only Amy can.

The Lord Family – Tie a White Ribbon

“After her tragic death on Tuesday, Amy Lord’s hometown of Wilbraham has decorated its homes and open spaces with white ribbons in Amy’s memory. Let’s do the same here in South Boston and show solidarity, support and love. We encourage you to decorate your homes, trees, and businesses with a white ribbon to remember such a beautiful member of our community. We want to see white ribbons everywhere! Thank you!”