Why We Celebrate Old Glory On Flag Day, June 14th

    Sunday, June 14th, was Flag Day.  This is a day when Americans celebrate the creation and the ongoing respect for the flag of the United States of America.  Some call it the Stars and Stripes; others refer to it as Old Glory.  But by whatever name it’s called, it is said to be the most recognized symbol in the entire world because of the influence America and it’s culture has had throughout history.

    The America Flag was created during the days of this county’s War for Independence, also referred to as the Revolutionary War.  Early on in the conflict, what were the 13 British colonies in revolt against the English Crown, patriots from different areas of the land were fighting under their own individual banners. On June 14th, 1777, the Second Continental Congress held a special session and passed a bill calling for one flag for all the colonies to unite under. It was then that the process began to create a design that was acceptable to all the colonies. The design settled on was an early version of what we have in 2020.  The first American flag consisted of 13 stripes of alternating red and white color to reflect the 13 colonies. 13 white stars were then added to a corner of the banner which was a field of blue. History suggests that Betsy Ross; who later became the wife of George Washington, played a major part in the designing and even the stitching of the first flag. The rule would be that additional stars would be added to the field of blue as more colonies (now states) as they were brought into the union in future years. Today, 50 such white stars are in that blue field.

    The American Flag is a symbol of pride for the people of the United States and should always be treated with respect.  It is always flown from government buildings and is the top flag on a pole above all other banners and often draped over the coffins of returning service members killed in action. But the flag code states that any American citizen is allowed to have a flag over their coffin. The American Flag is also traditionally flown from the homes of millions of proud citizens who take pride in their country and want to show respect for Old Glory.

    The American flag is a symbol that is near and dear to the hearts of most Americans. School children pledge allegiance to the country by turning toward it with hand over hearts. Veterans and non veterans alike stand attention with hats removed and salute it as it passes by in parades and it is never to be deliberately damaged, vandalized or destroyed in any way.  To do so is to show disrespect to a symbol that has represents a free and proud people.