It’s All About Weight, Length & Volume for St Peter Academy K1 Students

                  Ms. Sawyer’s four year old K1 students have been learning about weight length and volume.  Three action stations were set up to deepen their understanding of these concepts. While working on the materials at each station, students were encouraged to use the academic language they have […]

The Luxury Box Barber Shop: Getting A Haircut Can Be Fun

              Long ago, going for a haircut was something that in many cases was a necessary pain in the neck that consumed valuable time that most people would rather be using for something else. That’s not to say it was dreaded as much as oh, say a trip to the dentist or to the […]

Mastery Day at St Peter Academy

With the start of the 2016-2017 school year, St. Peter Academy proudly incorporated an exciting new concept to the already rigorous academic schedule. An entire school day dedicated to individualized instruction and mastery of grade level skills, fittingly named Mastery Day, has been fully embraced by all of SPA’s exemplary teachers and students. Mastery Day is a purposeful pause to the […]

L Street Brownies Swim 2017

L St. Brownies Continue the Tradition with 114th New Year’s Polar Plunge                                                                        Long standing traditions abound in South Boston. It’s […]

St Peter Academy K1 Students Soar Into Math & Early Reading Skills

Ms. Erin Sawyer is the K1 Teacher at St Peter Academy and TALENTED she is! Under her guidance students are currently working in Literacy on the AT word family, identifying 1-3 syllable words, rhyming word pairs and recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters. Upon completing a unit on the letter sound Bb which included reading and […]

Irish Themed Paintings by Dan McCole

  Well known and very talented South Boston artist Dan McCole is showcasing his Irish themed paintings for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. South Boston Today is proud to display such fine works of art for our readers. No matter what the season or occasion, Dan McCole creates art that just can’t help put all […]

The Gallery at 249 A Presents Dogs: January 7th – February 19th

Reception: January 21st 5-7pm That artists love dogs seems obvious. Their poses and behaviors inspire us to take up pencil or brush or camera. Their cheerful openness to new experience, sets an example for us to follow, if we can, and behind their eyes, we sense a different kind of logic that, as we try […]

St Peter Academy Breakfast with Santa

The Christmas season as everyone knows is Santa’s busiest time. As it gets closer to the big day, the jolly man in the red suit is everywhere; even before his toy delivery trek on Christmas Eve. He’s in every town for many events.  His magic allows him to pull off this incredible feat of multi […]

Windmill – Pizza-Pasta-Burgers-Dinners-Catering and More   

Centuries ago, windmills usually were used to mill grain. It also is often noted as the forerunner to today’s wind turbines. For Windmill Italian and American Kitchen it symbolizes the beginning of the food making process. Its menu is exceptional in its simplicity and is clear, crisp and straightforward – enough choices but not overwhelming. Gluten-free pizza […]

Foodie’s Market: In Its 3rd Year

It’s hard to believe how quickly is parking next to the store, a time flies. It seems like just yes- bike rack and it’s also accessible terday South Boston Today did by the Southie Shuttle – free of a feature story on the new addi- tion to the neighborhood with all the fine, fresh foods, […]