Massport’s Transportation Plan is a Necessity

We have all been there, driving down the street and then boom, the car in front of you just stops and the doors open up and people climb out the back seat. They have little logos or light up signs that read Uber or Lyft, or both, and they are a nuisance.

Ride Hailing service companies or TNC’s have become the popular mode of transportation for party going and bar hopping millennials throughout this community. They have also wreaked havoc on Logan Airport, its gateways and local communities. Massport has decided to take action with a comprehensive plan that more efficiently manage ground transportation while also attempting to reduce congestion.

The biggest issue the plan attempts to address is the 5 million “deadhead” trips that arrive to the airport or leave the airport empty, by matching a pick –up with a drop off in a centralized location, this idea seems like a low hanging fruit. Yet, tech companies and TNC drivers are outraged at the plan and the Globe is eating it up, which is no surprise. The city is bulging at the seams and the last thing we need is to turn a blind eye, while Uber and Lyft drivers act like they own the streets. It is ironic because many of them have out of state license plates so they are not even paying taxes in the city or the state. Another important aspect of the plan is that a centralized location for pick up and drop off will allow for better enforcement of safety and security policies. Recent stories surrounding these companies have had tragic endings; you should always check your driver’s license plate, make and model.

We applaud Massport’s efforts to step up and wrangle this beast. Congestion at the Airport spills into the tunnels, the South Boston Waterfront and onto our streets.