Blue Barbecue At Powers Apartments A Big Success

Last week, the second in a series of 3 ‘Blue Barbecues’ were held, this time at the Monsignor Powers apartments on L Street. The police from BPD Area C-6 put on what was clearly a feast, as great food cooked on open grills pleased the taste buds of at least 70 local seniors.  This event was initiated by the BPD’s Community Service Department from C-6 under the direction of Sgt. Steve McNeill and Captain Joseph Boyle.

The goal of the Blue Barbecues is to help the local police and the neighborhood’s seniors get to know each other better in a simple and fun venue and of course together consume some terrific food. There was music playing throughout the event and everyone was enjoying each other’s company. Good stories and helpful and innovative ideas were shared between police and civilians. The seniors were reassured that their concerns and well-being are top priorities to law enforcement, as police carryout their duties throughout South Boston and the rest of the city. It was a great time and it was a fun day and the good relationship, mutual respect and the bonds between residents and police became even stronger.