The Luxury Box Barber Shop: Getting A Haircut Can Be Fun


            Long ago, going for a haircut was something that in many cases was a necessary pain in the neck that consumed valuable time that most people would rather be using for something else. That’s not to say it was dreaded as much as oh, say a trip to the dentist or to the local health center for a flu shot, but seldom something to look forward to. In recent years however, the local barbershops have become quite a bit more appealing as many of today’s shops and hair salons have turned what was once just a task to keep one’s appearance presentable into a pleasant experience that is no dreaded task at all.

Tapping into this growing trend of hair cutting is the Luxury Box, located at 500 East Broadway right here in South Boston. Owned and operated by local resident and entrepreneur Dave Monahan, who also owns the very successful Spot Clothing and Southie Shirts. The Luxury Box offers something for everyone in the world of hair cutting.

The Luxury Box has been in operation now for six years this month and continues to expand its services and appeal and to meet whatever the preference in hair styles and cuts one might be in the mood for at any given time. Whether you walk in off the street at the spur of the moment or because of your busy schedule, have the need to make an appointment – no problem. You can now do both. And as far as what kind of cut you might want, the Luxury Box will accommodate. They even offer the traditional American hot towel shave with a straight razor. You can pick your own barber if you choose if you have a favorite; each one a talented and skilled professional or try a different one each visit. They are all good and every one of them can do it all; whichever style you like at any given time.

   South Boston Today stopped in to get a few photos for this story and we were impressed with the happy and pleasant atmosphere inside.  As you approach the shop, the first thing you notice on the outside is the famous spiraling red, white and blue barber pole and a pretty nice arrangement in the flower boxes. Stepping inside there was music playing. Each of the chairs had its own flat screen TV to view while the customer was getting cut and yes, a bit pampered. There was an incredible hand painted mural on the wall featuring professional sports legends and greats from over the years and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves; both the staff as well as the clients being served. To say that going to the Luxury Box is an experience – a very pleasant experience at that and not a typical day at the barbers  – would be right on target and accurate. And even when busy, which is most of the time, the wait, if there is one at all is short and enjoyable.

We asked Dave Monahan what made him decide to open a haircutting business; especially when he’s so busy with his other enterprises and how did he decide to come up with a barber shop like this. He said he believed there was a need and a market for it in South Boston. These types of haircutting establishment with their mostly unique style are located in some other neighborhoods and being a Southie resident himself, he felt there should be one in his hometown as well.

Monahan went on to speak about his staff, which he described as a great crew of barbers that he could not be happier with. He noted how there was a low turnover of staff because they enjoy their jobs and they especially enjoy interacting with their customers. Each barber has his own style and personality and that is one of the big attractions that keep people coming back. Whether the customer is a regular or first time walk-in, a longtime resident or a new arrival to the neighborhood, a child, a teen or a senior, everyone is catered too and made to feel welcome and the ultimate goal is that they are satisfied and quite pleased with their hair cut when they leave.

We then asked Dave about some of the new and innovative options for customers. He spoke enthusiastically about the special group accommodations for cuts and shaves in a new section of the shop located downstairs in the recently renovated lower level of the building. Here, they offer private shave and haircut packages for bachelor and office parties where you can reserve the new area where pizza and other food and drink can be served in a party like environment for all types of occasions. When asked how he would describe The Luxury Box to potential new customers his response was “We do it all”. And they certainly do. Oh, and as far as the flower arrangements that we noticed on the outside of the shop, Dave proudly credited his Mom, Nancy Monahan who consistently changes the theme to coincide with the closest holiday whether it’s Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day, the flowers say it all and remind us what season it is.

   If you want to find out more about the Luxury Box, make an appointment for a cut or even a private party, log onto their website at or you can give them a call at 617-752-4729 or you could just walk in to the shop at 500 East Broadway just to check it out.  They are open Monday through Friday from 9am till 7pm, Saturdays 9am till 3pm.  Remember, walk-ins are always welcome.