Butterflies and Freedom

By Lisa Gilbert, Principal St. Peter Academy

St. Peter Academy students launched dozens of butterflies last week.  The toddler classes through first grade had been harboring butterfly eggs in their classroom for the past month.  Excitedly, they watched as the tiny eggs hatched into caterpillars and then progressed into their chrysalises.  As the days passed, the students eagerly watched as, one-by-one, beautiful butterflies began to emerge from their chrysalises.  At long last, it was time to release the fluttering insects into the great big world.  The entire St. Peter Academy student body gathered outside to observe the liberation of the winged creatures.  Hundreds of butterflies swarmed around the garden, playground, and students.  A few children were literal butterfly magnets, attracting butterflies like sand on wet skin.  Some of the younger students were apprehensive, unsure what to make of so many free-flying bugs.  All in all, it was a fun way to spend a lovely spring day.

On April 23, students in grades one through five enjoyed a morning at Dorchester Heights where they met with folks in costume retelling the events of the historic Evacuation Day, which occurred on March 17, 1776.  Students learned about how the British evacuated Boston on that momentous day, which was the first victory for the Colonists during the Revolutionary War.  Some students were amazed to learn that George Washington himself gave the command to secure the area.  With the departure of the British troops, it was the first time in eight years that the colonists experienced freedom from British occupancy.  With easy proximity to Boston’s historic resources, we enjoy being able to provide our students with an authentic, community-based experience, which enhances learning.

St. Peter Academy in an independent, community-based private school and serves students from ages 15 months through grade 6. SPA is currently accepting applications for the limited spaces available in the year-round toddler program (beginning at age 15 months) and for students in Pre-K, Kindergarten and grades 1-6. Join us!

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