Christmas in South Boston 2018

Well, there’s no doubt now, Christmas is nearly upon us and as is the case every season at this time, it brings with it a feeling different than any other. To most people, it holds a mix of sensations. It’s hectic yet there is a feeling of peace in the air. The rush of shopping, perhaps one or more special events and gatherings that tradition dictates we must attend. Yet in the middle of it all, if we’re lucky, we are able to bring the rapid pace to a welcome slow down, even if just for a short time to savor the good feelings as we walk by a Nativity Scene or catch a children’s choir singing carols at a school or church pageant which gives us a chance to catch our breath and bask in the warmth and the true meaning of what Christmas is all about.

For over 2000 years since the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, much of the world has considered Christmastime to be very special. Yes, there is also Santa Claus, reindeer and elves to entertain and fascinate the kids. Huge displays of bright and colorful lights bring smiles to the faces of most and all of it; the religious and non-religious combine to make it wonderful.

Here in South Boston, like most places, tradition continues especially at Christmas. Homes are lit up and decorated, our schools are festive, and churches are hubs of activity with caroling, Masses and Services featuring beautifully decorated altars. It may be cold outside but there’s always a warm glow and welcoming atmosphere inside of our Churches.

Like most, we here at South Boston Today cannot help but be impressed with all the special happenings that go on in our wonderful community at Christmastime. From the Christmas concerts at the St. Augustine’s Chapel, to the Christmas caroling at Marian Manor and this year at the brand new ‘Our Lady of Good Voyage Shrine’ with a concert as well, to the children singing like Angels with all their hearts and Souls during their plays and pageants heralding the birth of Jesus. This year, the St. Paul’s Choir will perform at Gate of Heaven Church on December 23rd.  This will be truly a special event.

There is not just one ‘Toys for Tots’ event where people are happy to drop off brand new toys for kids and families who otherwise might not have any, but many drop off points hosted by several groups in cooperation with the US Marines. We have Christmas tree lightings in our public squares. The lamp posts along East and West Broadway display the wreaths that have been hung with great care on them to add even more spirit to the season. And who can forget the annual Christmas Day Dinner held each year at St. Monica/St. Augustine Church, where hundreds gather for a delicious home cooked meal served by dozens of dedicated neighborhood volunteers happy to donate their time to bring pleasure and great food to make sure that no one need spend Christmas alone?

South Boston at Christmastime is such a special place that not only are long time traditions passed on from generation to generation, but we even add new ones such as the St. Peter Academy Breakfast with Santa.

The happenings listed above are just some of the ways South Bostonians celebrate the Christmas Season together. Where everyone, no matter what our faith, is invited to enjoy. When you add to all of this, intimate gatherings all across our community of family and good friends to enjoy the closeness of one another’s company at parties and dinner it really does explain why most people look forward to this time of year. As we said, Christmas is a very special season of the year in nearly every part of the world and that can certainly be said for Christmas in South Boston 2018.