Clerk Michael J. Donovan Support Still Strong

A dedicated public official with a smooth running, customer friendly court clerk’s office, Michael Joseph Donovan, Esq. enjoyed the company of over 100 friends and supporters of his stellar career.

When people, like his dear friends Mayor Marty Walsh and Councilor Ed Flynn, introduce him as the longest serving elected official in the Commonwealth, Clerk Donovan follows up by saying, “longest serving and active” with emphasis on the “active”. And, judging by the size and quality of the crowd in attendance at his recent fundraising reception at local restaurant Publico in support of his re-election as the Clerk of the Superior Court for Civil Business in Suffolk County, his tenure is sure to be extended another six years. Donovan was joined by Walsh and many elected officials.

Donovan’s office has raised the standards in all aspects of his role as the face of justice for ordinary citizens who need their rights protected. When he is not tending to his duties, Donovan is known not only for his community involvement in sports and neighborhood activities, but he is a staunch supporter of the traditions that make his neighborhood and others in Boston the best in urban America.

The word “active” is apropos as the adjective that best describes both his work and volunteer schedules.