Corporate America Likes South Boston Too


A new commercial development that has be percolating since December 2016 looks to be on track.

CV Properties LLC proposes an eight-story, 266,000-square-foot office and R&D building on a one-acre lot at 105 W. First St. and is bounded by the South Boston Bypass Road, West Second Street and Artists for Humanity near the A Street Park and Channel Center.

Commonwealth Ventures (CV), led by its founder Richard Galvin, is a known quantity in South Boston, having developed much of Fort Point and A Street near the Convention Center. A real-estate development firm that has shaped much of South Boston has plans to build a mid-rise office and R&D property

According to the BPDA website, the property, in close proximity to the new GE Headquarters, is proposed to contain 1,600 square feet of ground floor space on West First Street for retail, café or restaurant use and 2,400 square feet of convener space on West First Street, 10,000 square feet of innovation space fronting on West Second Street, and 3,000 square feet of tenant amenity space. The retail/restaurant/café use and innovation space on West First Street and West Second Street respectively are designed to activate the ground floor level of the building.

The Project will also include approximately 35 parking spaces in an underground parking garage accessed from West First Street, as well as wider sidewalks and related streetscape improvements along both West First Street and West Second Street.

The potential for professional or administrative and other job opportunities from the targeted corporate tenants should be part of the consideration as this property moves through the public review process. Mr. Galvin presumably has had enough experience with the South Boston community to know that cooperation and reasonable accommodation will go a long way to garnering support. This is an election year incidentally.