The ‘Pats’ Again Earned Super Bowl Spot


For more than half a century, the Super Bowl has been thrilling Americans like few events can do. The sheer size and spectacle of it all is impressive on a massive scale. That it is a sports event that is uniquely American can bring even more excitement to the tens of thousands of fans who are fortunate enough to actually be at the game, as well as the millions that view it on screen.

But when the home team makes it through a hard-fought season and winds up as one of the two top contenders; the best of the best, the Super Bowl is something that takes that excitement to an almost blissful frenzy.

The New England Patriots work hard and deserve to be playing in this Sunday’s game. And many fans are convinced, with good reason, that the chips were deliberately stacked against them from the start and yet they STILL made it.  Despite what perhaps some officials in the NFL hoped would be an impossibility, it makes this season all the more satisfying.

We are anticipating a win this weekend by ‘The Pats’, simply because they are the best team in the league. Add to that how each player puts his heart and soul into every game, it just increases those odds. But win or lose, we say THANK YOU Patriots for giving us one of the best seasons in memory.