Ed  Hamilton Honored With 93rd Birthday Party

Ed Hamilton, our community’s decorated World War II veteran of the United States Navy who served in the Pacific during the attack on Pearl Harbor is still the ‘man in motion’ we see on L Street.  He may be a little slower these days but his greeting, “how are you doing kid” is a welcomed sign that he is going strong. Ed is on a first name basis with virtually everyone he meets and has that friendly welcoming smile ready as soon as eye contact is made.

Last week Ed was honored with a 93rd birthday party organized by his good friend Chris Gregorio and attended by a crowd of other good friends and neighbors held in the community room at the Powers Apartments on L Street. Chris would like to thank everyone who came to the party, donated to the party, shared or listened to stories or wished Ed a happy birthday. Ed blew out his candles but not before making a wish. When asked what his wish was, he smiled and had a twinkle in his eye and that was enough of an answer for all!

Also, among the many guests at the event were Ed’s Daughter Laura McDonagh and husband Coley, many friends new and old, his Cumby Girls, Councilor Ed Flynn, candidates for State Representative, David Biele and Matt Rusteika and volunteers from the Powers, who did a great job of helping set up the dining room hall and with other preparations.

Ed Hamilton has become quite the celebrity in military circles over the years. Though a well-known veteran with a wealth of history packed into his Pearl Harbor and other exploits on the high seas, he still makes his home in South Boston where he, along with our many other resident veterans make this community proud.

South Boston Today joins the rest of this town in saying Happy Birthday and Thank you to Ed Hamilton and to all of our veterans for their service to our country and for being responsible for preserving and protecting our freedom and our liberty.  God Bless them all.