Gate of Heaven Parish Church Preservation – Former Gate of Heaven School Demolition Proposal -Report from the Finance Council

Gate of Heaven Finance Council and our Pastor, Fr. Casey, with the support of the Archdiocese of Boston, is proposing to demolish Gate of Heaven School in order to create more parking for the Church and the neighborhood. A parking lot, instead of a condominium proposal, will provide a steady and reliable revenue stream for Gate of Heaven Parish for the next century. Our primary goal is the survival of our beautiful and one of a kind Church. Our Church has been the Spiritual home for thousands for the last 100 years and we believe this proposal will ensure it will be for generations to come for the next 100 years! WHY IS THIS PROPSAL GOOD FOR GATE OF HEAVEN • The Preservation and Protection of Gate of Heaven Church is the Parish’s primary concern. • Reliable and steady revenue from donations towards parking spots will provide the opportunity to conduct much needed maintenance, renovations, and restorations of Gate of Heaven Church for the next century. Proceeds from parking use will help fund past restoration, current costly maintenance and future renovations. • We are exploring the application process to have the Gate of Heaven Church Building added to the National Historic Register. • Instead of losing 25-30 parking spots with leasing or selling building, the Parish is looking to increase the number to 85 spots. • The Parish is proposing a parking time change for parishioners & neighbors from 4pm – 8am Monday through Friday, with 7pm – 8am on Saturday & Sunday. With the exception of Parish and Church Events. • The Parish is proposing to have a section for 24-hour parking, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. • Increased Parking will ensure more use of the Gate of Heaven Church Hall for Parish Life Activities and CYO functions, etc. • Utilizing portions of the Gate of Heaven School Building into the parking design. The “Gate of Heaven School, For God and Country” granite block in the side entrance plaza area. Utilizing the large finials in the same area. See the following pages these for sketches. • In the pavers section of the plaza area and along the Church parishioners will have the ability to purchase engraved bricks in memory of your deceased loved ones. • The Parish will propose moving the East 4th Street entrance closer to the Church for Funerals. • Selling or Leasing the building would mean that we would lose any control of the land and building. • With the building gone, and the property ownership remaining with the Parish, potential future development could be more sensitively shaped to serve the needs of both the Parish and neighborhood. • Those who presently have parking agreements will keep those agreements. With the proposed increased hours for overnight parking, there will be a cost increase. • Save approximately $45,000 on taxes, insurance, and maintenance per year. • The potential disruptions during Church services, whether human noise, truck traffic, or mechanical noise will.