Governor’s Councilor Christopher Iannella Hears Concerns of Local Residents

Governor’s Councilor Christopher A. Iannella, Jr. was in South Boston over the weekend speaking to constituents at the East Broadway Stop & Shop. As one of eight members of the Governor’s Council, Iannella is responsible for meeting with the Governor or Lieutenant Governor weekly to address judicial appointments, clerk appointments, executive pardons and commutations, and more. 

When a lifelong South Boston resident expressed concern about the interplay between the judiciary and the opioid crisis affecting our state, Iannella stated that before he confirms any judge, he must be sure that the nominee understands the importance of drug treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, Iannella said that judges must have common sense, integrity, and treat everyone who comes before them with dignity and respect.


Another South Boston resident was interested in the Parole Board. The Parole Board, Iannella stated, has seven members appointed by the Governor with the Council’s approval. Iannella insists that members should have a social science background, so they can better understand addiction and mental health issues.


Iannella went on to discuss the way he serves the interests of his district’s residents by asking appointees tough questions to make sure they have the right temperament and legal experience. Iannella thanked all the people who spoke to him for their unwavering support over the years and asked for their support once again on September 4th.