Holy Week Begins This Sunday-Palm Sunday

This coming Sunday, March 25th is Palm Sunday. This is one of the Holiest times on the Christian Calendar, observed by the faithful worldwide. Palm Sunday marks the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the week before his death on the Cross and the Resurrection that followed. Some churches refer to it as Passion Sunday. Traditionally, Masses and Services are more solemn and subdued than during the rest of the year. Palm Sunday actually marks the beginning of Holy Week, which is the most sacred time of the year for Christians and it all concludes on Easter Sunday.

The Bible tells us that when Jesus entered Jerusalem the large crowd greeted him by waving palm branches and covering his path with the palm branches as well. All of this led up to the beginning of his journey to the Cross. Palm Sunday marks the sixth and final Sunday of Lent. It’s the opportunity for Christians to reflect on the final week before the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, which is of course marked by Easter Sunday.

In South Boston, traditionally, our churches see even larger crowds than usual. Palm Sunday is the day when parishioners and members of the congregation come and receive the Blessed Palm branches, provided by the various churches, as has been the custom for hundreds of years. These palms are then displayed in Christian homes year-round and then replaced by new palms the following year. They are usually hung in a family room for all to see as a reminder of Holy Week and Easter itself.

Another practice by some is to cut the palms into smaller sections and attach them in the shape of a Cross. For more information regarding Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Sunday schedules, you can contact South Boston’s local churches for days, times of Masses and Services.South Boston Today will have the schedule of Masses and Services for Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday in next week’s issue.