John Allison Presented the Community Service Advocacy Award

 ‘Polish Triangle United’ Honors John Allison

John Allison, the South Boston Coordinator for Boston Neighborhood Services representing Mayor Marty Walsh and Boston City Hall recently won high praise and a Community Service/Community Advocate Award from very grateful members of the Polish Triangle United organization. Polish Triangle United, which was founded by Bill Trabucco, is made up of a dedicated group of hard-working neighborhood activists with the goal of making improvements to the community.

Among the many issues Bill Trabucco and Polish Triangle United focus on are traffic safety, parking, street lighting, proper street signage and other quality of life concerns in their ongoing efforts to make the neighborhood a good place to live. And this is where John Allison, with his expertise in such matters, fits in perfectly. And this is one of the reasons he is so much appreciated by the residents of what’s always and traditionally been called ‘The Polish Triangle’ and in fact the entire area he represents on behalf of City Hall.

John Allison is a graduate of Suffolk University and like his dad, Robert Allison, who heads up the South Boston Historical Society and is the lead historian at Suffolk, is a historian in his own right. He grew up in South Boston and knows the needs and concerns of the neighborhood, which is and should be, a requirement for anyone in his position.

The Community Service Award presented to John Allison by Bill Trabucco and The Polish Triangle United organization is by all accounts well deserved. This is a man who works hard and has earned the accolades he gets from the people he advocates for so well.