John McColgan, Boston’s Archivist, Recognized For Moving Irish Immigrant Exhibit

Last Sunday, John McColgan and the Boston City Archives Team unveiled an enduring exhibit on Irish Immigrants in the City of Boston at the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast. A collection of historical photographs, documents, and statistics, the exhibit is entitled “The Irish and Boston: An Immigrant Saga.”

Featuring 14 panels ranging from the waves of immigrant arrivals, to the Great Hunger, to the Irish rise to power in Boston, the collection mesmerized viewers and set the stage for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It also recognized the parallels among immigrnts from all countries that came and continue to come to Boston, “contributing significantly to  Boston’s business growth, employment, and tax revenue, as well as its rich cultural diversity”.

“I was at a loss for words at the scope and presentation of the exhibit curated by John and his team,” said Senator Collins. “Their exhibit helped set the stage for the St Patrick’s Day Breakfast, but it also highlighted that immigrants are not our enemies, they are our neighbors, our friends, they are us. I can’t thank the Archives enough for this impactful collection, and I hope everyone in the City has an opportunity to see it.”

The exhibit will soon be displayed in Boston City Hall, where it will be open to visitors and the public.