The Information Center The Parade, The Breakfast And The Pride In Our War Memorials

Well, South Boston survived another St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day and for the most part, it turned out well. Kudos to State Senator Nick Collins for a job well done at the breakfast. He kept it classy and respectful, while still being a good time. It was nice to see that, with the exception of Senator Edward Markey, who can’t seem to control his pettiness, the event did not turn into a nasty anti-Trump hate fest, as could have been the case had it been run by someone less capable. That’s not to say that there were no good jabs being thrown around; directed at deserving politicians and about current issues, that is after all part of the fun of the breakfast. But it was done with good humor and in good taste. Personally, I feel that the fact that Elizabeth Warren was a no show made it even better.  

And then it was off to the parade. The crowds were massive in many parts of the neighborhood. In some locations, people were standing ten or more deep. Yes, there were hordes of wandering celebrants, often having had a bit too much to drink. But, Police kept things well under control and had to make far fewer arrests than in some past years.

The South Boston Allied War Veterans put together a great parade and should be commended for the hard work they put in, as always, to bring in an outstanding and huge lineup of participants. The kids in the crowd loved the fire trucks and the military units, and though the colonial minutemen marchers’ musket fire startled them, the roars of approval were raucous and appreciated.

As we all are now aware, the day after the festivities brought some bad news. Our World War II Memorial on Day Blvd. had been vandalized and badly damaged. Few people believe that it was the work of visiting drunken celebrants and virtually no one believes it was the work of locals. No, most believe it was the calculated work of anti-American/anti-military leftist punks, who wanted to send a loud and clear message of protest. People of that ilk are well aware of what war memorials honoring our veterans who gave their lives for this country mean to the residents of patriotic communities like South Boston. They oppose everything our nation stands for and take every opportunity to tear our cherished monuments and symbols down. Do I have proof of this?  Not yet. I’m expressing my opinion on this and what seems to be the opinion of many, both within and outside of this neighborhood, who are furious at what happened also have said they believe. It was also reported that similar type vandalism occurred on war memorials at Mount Hope Cemetery in Mattapan.,

It’s hoped that if those who defaced the monument are caught by police, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – no slaps on the wrists, no leniency from the court. And of course, we all know that there are many who wish that they had been caught in the act by neighborhood people and had received a heavy taste of street justice for their crimes. So many creative methods of that style of justice have been suggested and most cannot be printed in a family newspaper.  The anger and desire to cause harm to people, who would do what they did is highly illegal, yet understandable.

In the aftermath of this incident, neighborhood people along with so many supporters from outside the community from far and wide have come together to do their part  to restore the memorial and make it as it should be – a beautiful and proud symbol that honors true American heroes who gave all so that the rest of us can live in freedom.

Like South Boston’s other war memorials and war memorials all across this nation, our World War II Memorial stands as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform, who from the time our country began, right through the present day, tower in stature and greatness far and above the cowards, who sneak around in the darkness of night to deface and disrespect their memory.