The Information Center: “America First” – Is There a Problem with This?


             As someone who did not vote for Donald Trump in the primaries, I’m sure glad I did so in the final election. That was reinforced in a big way listening to his speech at the Inauguration last Friday. And that, along with his main campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again”, had millions of Americans finding it refreshing and shouting AMEN when he defiantly added “We will put America first”.

This is what an American president is supposed to do when elected. Yes, it’s nice to be concerned about the rest of the world’s people, but just as every other nation makes their citizens the priority – as is their right and yes, duty, here – Americans should come first and it looks like we will once again. It was not surprising ,but so very entertaining, to see how so many of President Trump’s detractors reacted to these words. It was like watching reruns of the old Sanford and Son TV show, where every time Fred would hear something that upset or shocked him he would grasp at his chest, stumble around the room like he was having a heart attack and call out to his deceased wife that he was coming to join her in Heaven because ‘this was the big one Elizabeth’.

Wow!  Have things changed. For the last eight years, we had a president who would travel the world, bowing to foreign leaders and not only apologize for America’s greatness, but pretty much grovel for forgiveness, because our nation has been so successful, powerful and independent. Many of us found that embarrassing, humiliating and yes, sickening. Those days are gone and again, many of us say AMEN. The fact that saying ‘Put America first’ causes some in the media and in Hollywood to compare Trump to Hitler and to the Nazi’s, speaks volumes about where the loyalty of these detractors really lies.

Oh but there was more, so much more that tens of millions of our fellow countrymen and women have waited so long to hear. Trump vowed that beginning now, the power will be moving from Washington DC back to the people. The Founding Fathers of our country would be so proud, because with the people is where our Founders had intended for that power to always remain. It has not for too long a time.

As the Inaugural events proceeded on schedule and with precision in a majestic display of pomp and ceremony, the TV cameras would occasionally shift their focus to the rioters many blocks away who had vowed to disrupt and stop it. Try as they did, they didn’t even come close. But Americans watched in disgust, the spectacle on their TV screens as the anarchists, thugs and punks smashed windows, destroyed businesses, burned cars, assaulted tourists and of course carried out the actions that they are most famous for – stomping on American Flags and trying to injure police officers. Peaceful protestors should be indulged and treated with respect. But these rioters were anything but. Yet the police used restraint as best they could when dealing with them. And that’s too bad.

The next day, Saturday, the Women’s march took place in many cities.  It was for the most part peaceful. Here again, agree with the issues they say they were marching for or not, all Americans have the right to express themselves. It is however, the belief of this writer that they were ill served when they had the likes of Madonna, Miley Cyrus, the traitor Jane Fonda, Michael Moore and especially Senator Elizabeth Warren (D – Massachusetts), who makes it obvious with every shrieking meltdown she takes when on stage, that the last thing she wants is a united country, speaking on their behalf.

And now, the new era has begun. Changes are coming fast. If finally securing the border, keeping jobs in our own country, lowering taxes, strengthening our military, negotiating much better trade deals while dumping the bad ones and easing the burden of crippling regulations that have killed so many small business’s is in our country’s future, then perhaps together we really will ‘Make America greater than ever’ whether those on the left side of the political divide like it or not. Now I ask you, is there a problem with any of these goals?