‘Mayor of Southie’ Contest is Back

It Should be a Fun Campaign

Gone, almost forgotten but now it’s back. This statement refers to the Mayor of Southie campaign that for several years provided a fun and interesting way to raise funds to help pay for the annual St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day Parade.

In years past the Mayor of South Boston campaign brought forth many hard working and often colorful candidates who took their role as fundraisers very seriously. Granted, they didn’t always act in a serious manner while campaigning and perhaps even after elected but then that were part of the fun. This is supposed to be a festive event and that it has always been.

The following is a statement that appears on the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council which of course sponsors the parade, in regard to the upcoming Mayor of Southie contest.

“The South Boston St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day parade is an event run and funded by the community.  The ‘Mayor of Southie’ initiative has long been a tradition of the parade and provides a fun and unique way to give members of the South Boston community an opportunity to participate in the parade directly and be recognized for it, while working to help raise the funds necessary to hold the parade. The various spirited campaigns in the neighborhood also provide a great way to get the community excited for the parade to come. It has been several years since the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council has included the ‘Mayor of Southie’ initiative as part of the parade, but for the 2019 event, the mayoral race is back! Check back soon to see who the mayoral candidates are.”

To get a complete list of the rules to enter the campaign, you can log onto the following website:


Now the position of Mayor does come with some perks. The winner of the contest will be the center of attention by local media both social and traditional, tickets to banquets, a prominent position in the parade itself. In fact in years past, the Mayor of Southie led the parade itself. Special ceremonial garb that you may or may not find stylish – that is of course a matter of personal taste – and a place of honor at the numerous events during the days and weeks leading up to the big day itself. In short, this is considered by many to be a very prestigious position to hold. It has become a classic civic engagement and community appreciation escapade for the adventurous. What could be better.

So for those who have always dreamed of a political career, why not throw your hat into the ring and be part of the fun? It’s all for a good cause.