Motorcade to Honor Moms on Mother’s Day Was Just Beautiful

This year’s Mother’s Day was very different from all others. With so many people house-bound during the current situation, there were no family dinners at restaurants or big parties to celebrate and honor all the Moms. But in South Boston, always on the cutting edge with creative ideas to make cherished traditions even better, the neighborhood honored its mothers with a long winding party on wheels.

South Boston Today had the pleasure of speaking with Paula Casper, one of the main organizers of the event, and she was thrilled at how it all turned out and how much fun it was for all involved. When word spread around town about the Mom’s Motorcade, at least 40 families asked to jump in and be part of it. The procession went to more than 63 addresses where a pass-by was requested and every senior home got a visit.  But the Motorcade covered a lot of ground and literally thousands of homes saw and certainly heard the motorcade go by with horns beeping, people cheering, and signs saluting all Moms clearly visible and waving in the breeze during this nice day.

The Motorcade actually had a police escort.  Paula Casper contacted Councilor Ed Flynn who asked Captain Boyle at C-6 for assistance and 2 police cars were dispatched for safety and to add to the affects of this special event. Paula stated that one of the highlights for her was seeing so many smiling, clapping and cheering faces, not just in the motorcade itself, but all along the route, as residents rushed outside and to their windows to applaud the passing procession. Even the people held up in traffic as the long winding motorcade passed by were clapping, cheering, waving and smiling with thumbs up signs being given all around.  And we can’t forget Jill Cox, who would stop, get out of the car and shower the cheering moms along the way with confetti.  The Mother’s Day Motorcade was a blast from start to finish.  Congratulations and well done to the organizers and all the participants.  What a great idea.