Municipal and MBTA Police Exam, March 23rd – How to Apply, What You Should Know

Those who may have been thinking about a possible career in law enforcement are in luck.  The exam for Municipal and MBTA Police is coming up on March 23rd, 2019, that’s less than 4 months away with a deadline for filing an application to take the test on February 5th.

The application process began back on November 6th and there are still plenty of opportunities to apply. The fee for this written exam is $100 and the eligibility is entry level and open to the public. The deadline for applying is February 5th and there will be an additional charge, a late fee, of $50 for applications received after this date. The test itself will be given at various locations around the state and those locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

The chance for qualified candidates to become police officers if they pass the test is promising. It’s been reported that there are fewer people, both men and women, seeking careers in law enforcement. This is a situation that runs in cycles from time to time and has many times over the years. For example, it’s also been reported that many police and sheriff’s departments around the country are functioning with less staff than needed. For example, the Boston Police Department at one point was said to be nearly 400 police officers short because of retirements and fewer applicants. It’s because of the lower number of applicants in so many areas that the chances becoming a member of law enforcement have increased. But remember, a candidate must be qualified, ready both physically and mentally and without a disqualifying criminal record.

In recent years, the pay rate and benefits for police officers have become more lucrative. In fact, Boston’s police force has become the envy of much of the country, primarily of course for its reputation for professionalism and success, but also because of the excellent pay and benefits packages that comes with the job.

So, if you you’ve thought about police work, now would be a good time to give it a try, sign up for the coming test and see how you do.

For more information on the upcoming exam, what it takes to qualify and additional information about being a police officer go to