Editorial Throwing Rocks And Bottles Will Get Them Nowhere

The live video footage of what is going on at the southern border shows that what the news media has been trying its hardest to convince the American people about the ‘caravans’ is not accurate. The hundreds of people, mostly young men, storming the border fence last weekend, hurling rocks and bottles at our soldiers and border patrol personnel, who are just doing their jobs, are not all the gentle refugees fleeing persecution seeking a better life as those in the press are even now, continuing to claim. Though the majority of those who made their way to the border are most likely decent folks, the hundreds who violently tried to crash our border are criminals, pure and simple.

Those assaulting the border fence, and our troops defending it, were warned over and over that if attacked, the border patrol would respond with force. When you are being pelted with flying objects meant to inflict injury, responding with non-lethal pepper spray is indeed showing restraint. That there actually were a few women and children in the mix trying to breach the border wall was unfortunate. But rather than blame the border defenders for the result, the finger of blame should instead be pointed at the adults who should know better.

What kind of parents would knowingly put their children in a volatile and dangerous situation is the question that should be asked by the media, not how could the border patrol do such a thing. The people that make up the migrant caravan have no right to demand they be let into this country and attempt to crash through the border when that demand is denied.

There are legal ways to enter the United States that have worked for more two centuries. If those in the caravan feel they don’t need to follow our laws, they should turn around and go home.  Because President Trump has made it quite clear – they’re not getting in.