No Tickets or Towing for Street Cleaning – For Now

Along with April Fool’s Day and the beginning of a brand new month, Boston residents also mark their calendars on April 1st to remind themselves that street sweeping begins on this date. And it will once again in 2020. There is however, one big change. Though it will commence on schedule, with dates and times marked on the original posted signs, the City of Boston, because of the situation with the Corona Virus, will NOT be ticketing and towing for the immediate future.  This decision was made with consideration that so many people are staying at home and there are so few parking spots to be had. The street sweepers will in fact be coming by and cleaning the areas that the trucks can get at. It is hoped that if at all possible, residents will make a serious effort to find a temporary location for their vehicles until the sweepers make their pass. But again, no tickets and or fines will be issued until further notice.


-Please try to move your vehicles to another location when your street is scheduled to be cleaned and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

– Since the street sweepers will not be able reach as many parts of your block as usual in many cases because of vehicles in the way, please consider picking up and cleaning the debris that they can’t reach in the cutters in front of your homes and perhaps help a neighbor do the same if he or she is unable to do so.

The Corona Virus is a temporary situation and will one day be just a bad memory.  In the meantime, if we all work together and assist one another, it will be more bearable for all.

NOTE:  City of Boston trash pickups will be on regular schedules.