Remembering Peg Flaherty on St. Patrick’s Day

Remembering Peg Flaherty on St. Patrick’s Day

From the Heart – SBT Staff


The days that surround the St. Patrick’s Day holiday in South Boston are filled with long held and cherished traditions. And a very important part of those traditions are certain people – special people – who through their work on behalf of others, the spirit and enthusiasm they bring to the celebration and the sheer power of personality, have a positive and lasting impact on everyone and everything involved. Peg Flaherty was as much a part of the St. Patrick’s Day tradition as shamrocks and the patron Saint himself. This will be the first year without her walking among us and she is missed by all. Her passing leaves a void in the celebrations especially during the season that she loved so much.

St. Patrick’s Day and all that comes with it was Peg Flaherty’s Super Bowl. It was her favorite time. Year after year she would attend every event, the athletic competitions, the breakfasts, the banquets and, of course, the parade. She would be there to meet and greet all in attendance and her larger than life presence alone would make every gathering memorable and enjoyable. Where ever and whenever she appeared, she would be met with warm, happy and welcoming smiles and she responded with the same.

Her large and loving family, of course, misses her dearly, as does the entire neighborhood. But the great memories they have of her will live on forever. John Flaherty, Peg’s son said this about his Mother – “We miss Mom every day, but her absence will be especially difficult during this; her favorite time of year; our first without her. This was Mom’s High Holiday”.

Because of the wonderful person she was, Peg Flaherty’s memory will live on forever. And they are wonderful memories to be sure. The enthusiasm she had for life in general and especially for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations provide the incentive for the rest of us to enjoy it too.  There can be no doubt that Peg is looking down and smiling upon South Boston and still enjoying this special time. And her memory should give us even more reason to celebrate. Because if her family, her friends and her neighbors are happy, so too is she. We miss you Peg. God Bless.