Salute to Women Veterans Tuesday, May 14th, at Castle Island

On Tuesday, May 14th (next Tuesday) the special event to honor Women Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is set to take place. This event, which is a salute to these deserving veterans, has become an annual happening and it’s being organized in large part by the good people at the Old Colony Yacht Club in Dorchester. Let us tell you what’s being planned and how local residents can be a part of it all.

As they did last spring as well, the female veterans, who are hospitalized at the Brockton Hospital for PTSD, will arrive at the Old Colony Yacht Club and board the Boston Harbor Pilot Boat. The boat will depart from the yacht club at 11:30am and will head out into the harbor for a tour. They will arrive at Castle Island at around Noon, while being escorted by Boston Police Department and Boston Fire Department boats. As they pass offshore at Castle Island, the best place to view them will be from the Lt. John J. McCorkle Fishing Pier at the island. A water cannon salute from the Boston Police and Boston Fire boats in honor of the women vets will take place. Everyone who lives at or near the ocean has at one time or another watched the huge, beautiful spray that comes from these water cannons; It is a beautiful sight.

What residents, who want to help honor these veterans, are asked to do is to gather on or near the fishing pier with signs and flags and wave and cheer the veterans as they pass by and show support for them and their service to our country. South Boston Today spoke with Bill Moran from the Old Colony Yacht Club, who is playing a major role in organizing the day. He told us that each time this tribute has taken place it has touched the hearts of these veterans, when they see and hear the applause they get from the people on shore. It lets them know they are very much appreciated by their fellow Americans.  Mr. Moran says they expect between 15 to 20 veterans to be on board the Boston Harbor Pilot Boat.

The veterans that will be honored this day, like so many other vets who developed PTSD, have had a rough time dealing with it. This is why they are hospitalized at the Brockton facility. A day out on the harbor with all the fanfare and the escorts and the water salutes is something they have been looking forward to. To have a supportive crowd on shore, cheering them on will make the event that much better and will mean a lot to them.

So, if you think you can make it to the McCorkle Fishing Pier at Castle Island next Tuesday, May 14th at around Noon time, mark it on your calendar, or have your smart phone or even Alexa remind you. And South Boston Today will remind you as well as the day approaches. Just keep checking our website and social media sites. Just your presence, cheers, flag and sign waving and show of solidarity with these heroic women will be appreciated more than you know. Please try to be there for them if at all possible.