St. Patrick’s Day Facts

    What do you know about St. Patrick’s Day? Here are some interesting facts:

    St. Patrick’s Day was set aside to honor St. Patrick but was not on his birthday. It was on the day of his death.

    Besides being a Religious holiday, it has also come to be thought of as the first day of spring to some. Cattle were led to pastures and Irish farmers planted grain.

    In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day often features the old Gaelic sport of hurling.  It is something like our field hockey.

    The day’s symbol is of course a green shamrock.  It looks like a clover with 3 small leaves and is often called a ‘trefoil’.

    There is a town in Florida named Shamrock. Every year people send letters and cards there to be postmarked.

    What is a “Shillelagh”? It is an Irish symbol and word for a short, fat oak club.

    Why picture an Irishman wearing a top hat and swinging a cane? Irish countrymen used to wear a jaunty hat with a high crown, and white socks below tight knee britches.

    Below are some Irish American traditional dishes:

    1. Corned Beef and Cabbage 2. Irish Stew 3. Irish Soda Bread 4.Mulligatawny Soup 5. Mashed Potatoes with shredded Cabbage (Colcannon).

    The Leprechaun legends are fascinating. Most leprechauns are said to be rich and have bad tempers. They don’t want to live near humans but if you happen to capture one – don’t let him out of your sight. Why not? As a ransom, he might tell you where his pot of gold is buried. Of course, it’s all in fun so make a fun day of it! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!