St. Peter Academy Launches New Program Promoting Peace

By Lisa Gilbert, Principal St. Peter Academy

What do a fifth-grade boy, a fifth-grade girl, and a fourth- grade girl have in common?  They each of the distinction of being the first three students to be recognized at St. Peter’s Academy as being Peacemakers.  Last week, St. Peter’s Academy introduced a new program to get a jumpstart on Lent.  St. Peter’s Peacemakers is designed to catch kids engaging in random acts of kindness.  For example, Dimitri Markos, (grade 5), was nominated to be a Peacemaker by one of his classmates who when he chose her to be the first one on his team.  When asked why she nominated Dimitri, the student stated that it was the first time she was ever picked first!  She said that she is usually picked last. 

Callan Deane (grade 4) and Mairin Condon (grade 5) were both recognized for their Peacemaking efforts beautifying the school library.  They took me on a tour of the student library where students are allowed to take books home for pleasure reading.  Once in the room, the girls seemed to arrive at the same question simultaneously, “Can we fix up the library, Mrs. Gilbert?”  I said, “Sure that would be great!” 

The girls labored tirelessly over the next three months- during recess and after school.  Every chance they got, they were in the library.  Between them they dusted, swept, and decorated.  To be fair, they did have a little help from their friends.  But, the bulk of the refurbishing work was done by Callan and Mairin.  They sorted through each and every book in the library.  They catalogued the books according to genre.  They made an inventory list.  These girls owned it. 

Finally, after three long months, the pair announced to the student body last week that their work was complete, and the St. Peter Academy school library was having a grand reopening.  When asked why they were so intent on making the library a welcome place in our school, Mairin stated, “Books can take you places that you may not be able to go in real life.  Everyone deserves to read.” 

What does fixing up an old library and making it inviting have to do with Peacemaking?  What can be more peaceful than creating a safe place for children to explore the world of books?  Books open children’s minds to all the possibilities that life has to offer.  These young girls used their time wisely to give back something to their school community.  In my book, that’s being a peacemaker. 

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