State Representative Dan Hunt Endorses Nick Collins for State Senate

Dorchester lawmaker praised Collins’ work at UMass-Boston, South Bay

State Representative Dan Hunt (D-Dorchester) has announced he is supporting fellow House member Nick Collins for the First Suffolk Senate seat. “Nick Collins has been a tremendous partner in government” said Rep Hunt. “I know he will do an outstanding job our as our next state senator representing Dorchester, Mattapan, South Boston and Hyde Park. He is the leader we need to deal with major questions about responsible, community-oriented development, substance abuse, and economic opportunity.”

With adjacent districts, the lawmakers have partnered on many issues affecting residents across the city, including transportation, public safety, and economic development. Sharing the UMass-Boston campus, Hunt and Collins have worked side-by-side on a variety of issues at the campus, including the construction of new residence halls, student debt, transportation, and encouraging the university to responsibly and actively engage the community in any discussions about potential development of the Bayside Expo Center property. The two have also worked together on the ongoing development of the former Boston Globe site, channeling public input and vetting plans for development.

Hunt and Collins also partnered on the South Bay development, working to ensure a responsible project that would create permanent jobs for residents, affordable housing, and economic development for the area. Together they worked to secure liquor licenses from the state so that the area could be revitalized with restaurants and amenities. They also worked to ensure that local businesses were given opportunities at the redeveloped retail center.

With busy Morrissey Boulevard linking their districts, the representatives have worked together with the city of Boston and the Department of Conservation and Recreation to ensure that community concerns about transportation and traffic are heard. Additionally, both have been involved in talks about revitalizing JFK/UMass Station on the Red Line, improving Kosciuszko Circle and surrounding roadways and restricting billboards in residential neighborhoods, among other projects.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Rep. Hunt in the House, and I look forward to continuing our partnership as the next State Senator” said Rep. Collins. “I am humbled to receive his endorsement and his confidence to represent the people of Dorchester and the whole First Suffolk District.”

“From Washington Village to Adams Village, the issues are largely the same,” Rep. Collins added. “Residents want healthy neighborhoods, good public transportation, housing they can afford, access to services and economic mobility. I’ve heard about these concerns in every corner of the district and I am ready to deliver results.”

Added Hunt: “I am proud to endorse my friend and colleague Nick Collins for State Senate and I know that he is the only candidate with a community-driven plan and the experience necessary to address the needs of all residents in the First Suffolk District.”