The Information Center – Comments on the Bike Melee on Route 93

Most have seen the news reports about what’s being called ‘The Biker Melee on Rt. 93’. But maybe the term ‘biker’ really shouldn’t apply to the cast of characters that were herded and corralled by Boston and State Police the other day, 7 of whom were arrested, with one of them even getting shot. When people think of bikers today, the image of grown adults, perhaps some wearing club colors gathering for charity rides to raise money for good causes or just out having a good time riding often comes to mind. Another image that comes up is maybe of the fearless speeders, who race their powerful machines in competitions at tracks or descend on Bike Week festivals at places like Weirs Beach in Laconia, New Hampshire.

But, the members of the pack of immature thugs that were raising hell and scaring the life out of commuters and entire families last weekend on the expressway are in a league of their own -The Moron League. The 30 or so fools, who were doing donuts and wheelies on the highway, going out of their way to terrorize people just trying to get to or from work or to the market or the mall, need to get their tails kicked for the antics they pulled. As one commentator put it, if these were 16 or 17-year-old kids, you might expect this type of thing.  But those arrested ranged in age from 21 to 31 years old.

The saying ‘stupid is as stupid does’ can be applied to this bunch.  Did they really expect to be able to get away with blocking traffic, driving the wrong way on a major crowded highway and pinning drivers in their cars against the guard rails all the while driving unregistered off-road bikes? Well yes, it seems they did.

There were at least a couple of South Boston residents caught in that circus before the police arrived. One of our neighbors called to let us know that she was beyond intimidated. She was stopped and trapped in her car with her children, ages 2 and 5, and was panicking as some of the bikes were taking full speed runs toward her car. Her little girls were screaming and crying with fear.

You have to hand it to the police, they were great. Their training really came through. As the Boston cops funneled the bikes into one lane, much like cowboys herd cattle, the Staties were there waiting for them. Now the fun the punks were having, scaring people, came to an end as they were falling off their bikes or in some cases just jumping off and leaving them on the road and running like heck trying to get away. The one who was shot by the state trooper is said to have refused to stop, when confronted, and is alleged by some witnesses to have aimed his bike in an effort to run cops down. Aderito Montiero, age 28 from Randolph, was arraigned at Boston Municipal Court last Monday. He’s now walking around with a hole in his foot. He’s being charged with negligent operation, failure to stop for police, disorderly conduct, marked lanes operation, driving an unregistered vehicle and driving an uninsured ATV. Of course, he pleads ‘Not Guilty’.

The other six arrested were Christopher Cabesa, age 31 from Lawrence, William Siliveras, age 29 from Methuen, Shane Fein, age 21 from North Attenborough, Gustavo Arcino-Rosa, 22 of Saugus, Hosue Hidalgo, 23 from Worcester and Edgar Dosantos, 30 from Quincy. They reside in some towns many miles away yet felt the need to come here and act stupid.

In all, police say there were probably between 20 – 30 bikes taking part in the incident; many of them got away but left their bikes behind. Maybe that bunch were just not bright enough to know that probably every commuter on Rt. 93 has a cell phone and that police would be summoned in minutes and their little reign of terror would be broken up.

I’m using this column this week to comment on what happened, because while this is probably the only time these idiots have actually tried to pull this on the expressway, this has been happening quite a bit on city streets in Boston’s neighborhoods with a couple of groups doing the same thing venturing into South Boston according to reports.

In this town there are senior citizens and many children who have always felt comfortable crossing our streets. It’s usually pretty safe. But if the actions of these punks on bikes are allowed to continue some of our residents could get seriously hurt or worse because jerks on ATV ‘s and dirt bikes get a kick out of terrorizing neighborhoods.  Hells Angels they are not, but they can be dangerous; especially when they have limited riding skills and no brains.