Sunrise Learning Academy – A Wonderful Childcare and Preschool Experience

If you ask just about any parent of young children what they want most from a day care center, the answers will be a safe, nurturing environment where the kids learn and develop surrounded by love. And to the delight of parents who have discovered the Sunrise Learning Academy for childcare and preschool, that is exactly what they have found.

Some of the features that sets the Sunrise Learning Academy apart from other daycares and preschools is the fact that the attention given to the children, ages 8 weeks to five years is that it is small and personalized which is so important for the development of younger children. It provides stimulating play based early education which allows for children to learn new physical, intellectual and social skills while being guided by a top-notch professional staff.

There are three Boston area locations; one is at the Old West Church in Boston, another is near the Alewife T Station in Cambridge and the third is in the Fort Point Section of South Boston’s Seaport District. All locations proudly provide that smaller, more personal learning and development experience that is such a benefit that the larger daycares often cannot. Sunrise Learning Academy is not about consistently raising their tuition costs like the larger providers so often do. In fact, they are measurably less expensive and work to keep it so. And the folks at Sunrise Learning Academy also work hard to prove each day that larger does not mean better. They live up to the motto ‘Quality and Excellence’.

The staff is made up of a diverse group of carefully selected educators who ensure that their classrooms are run by qualified professionals. They are committed to the care and well being of every child. They are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care and are trained in CPR and First Aid.

The staff at Sunrise Learning Academy work as a team with parents making sure that the children get the care they need. The goal is to make sure that each child, through their programs, will obtain the foundation to be able to successfully transition into Kindergarten. And encouraging parental involvement is important to the staff. Parents are always welcomed and urged to visit the academy and to participate at any time. They encourage all parents’ feedback and value communication between families and teachers. In fact, a parent may request an individual conference with their child’s teacher at any time. They have an open-door policy.

The Sunrise Learning Academy, in addition to providing a wonderful learning and development experience, also boasts fully equipped modern facilities that the infants, toddlers and preschoolers thrive in. And the 7am to 6pm hours of operation are convenient to working families which is another advantage it has over some other childcare centers.  In short, it pretty much has almost everything today’s working families are looking for in a preschool setting. Parents looking for that special place that they can entrust with the care, safety, early education and development of their children can find it all here in the Boston area at the Sunrise Learning Academy.

For more information you can log onto their website at or for that personal touch you can call them by phone and speak to a staff member directly at any of their three Boston area locations. At the Seaport District: 25 Channel Center Street- 617-951-3967. At 7 Cambridge Park Drive- 617-868-0077 and at The Old West Church at 132 Cambridge Street, Boston – 617-227-6402 or stop in to any location and make a personal visit. We think you will like what you see.