The Annual Marine Corps 5K Honor Run had a Massive Turnout

The weather was perfect on a recent Saturday for the Annual Marine Corps. 5K Honor Run held at Carson Beach. It was mild and sunny and just pleasant all around. Some suspected there could have been some Divine intervention helping out, which gave all a break from the cold and rainy spring we’ve been experiencing. The crowd of runners and spectators numbered into the thousands and the spirit and enthusiasm was at a fever pitch. With country music playing over the impressive sound system, the atmosphere was festive, and everyone seemed to be in a great mood.

Tommy Lyons, one of the founders of the road race, took to the stage to announce the upcoming schedule and to thank everyone for showing up to take part in the race and also to those who showed up to support this big event which seems to get bigger each year. Huge American flags were waving in the breeze all over the staging area which added to the patriotic and pro-military theme of the day.

As the run starting time was rapidly approaching, the participants were asked to line up in the divisions they were entered in. These included a wheel-chair group, fast runners, not so fast runners, walkers, and parents pushing babies in strollers and even a group of people with their dogs on leashes.  The dogs by the way seemed to be enjoying the excitement as much as the people were. It was all good.

When the starting whistle blew, the massive crowd filled Day Blvd. and the 5K journey was off and running to the cheers from the crowds on the sidelines. This capped off yet another successful Marine Corps Honor Run and when it was over, it was so much fun that everyone seemed to be looking forward to next year’s event.  Congratulations to the organizers, the runners, the spectators and everyone else who was involved in any way.  And of course, to the United State Marines and all the other military personnel.