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This week, Danny reacted to WrestleMania 36:

The Coronavirus is really trying to put my brand out of business. It feels like a lifetime ago that I watched an actual game being played. Remember the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl? When did that happen, in 1998? Feels like it.

Last week, I shared with you my “Top 10 video games” of all time, because I’ve been playing a lot of video games during the shutdown. But we did get some form of entertainment last weekend. And that was WrestleMania.

The 36th edition of the “Showcase of the Immortals” took place as scheduled, only, the massive event that was supposed to be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay — home of the Buccaneers — was moved inside to the WWE’s empty Performance Center in Orlando. Basically, the Super Bowl for professional wrestling took place in an empty gym.

Originally, I told you that I thought Vince McMahon should just postpone WrestleMania 36, and maybe have it in the fall. He didn’t do that, and instead went on with the event while adding another twist. This year’s WrestleMania was pre-recorded, and was a two-night event.

I watched both nights. Given the circumstances, I’m rating WrestleMania 36 an 8-out-10. That includes bonus points for actually putting on a show which distracted us for a few nights and took our minds off all the madness going on in the world right now.

Like I said, I was originally critical of the idea of having WrestleMania in an empty facility. But even I have to admit, I desperately needed that type of entertainment in my life last weekend.

Having no fans in attendance made for some brutally awkward moments. Ultimately though, the WWE and its performers did the best with what they had. That was no more evident than in the “Boneyard Match” between AJ Styles and the Undertaker on Saturday night, and then in the “Firefly Funhouse Match” between John Cena and Bray Wyatt on Sunday night.

Both of these matches were perfectly edited and provided the type of outside-the-box entertainment that we all needed during this time of crisis. I don’t know what people were saying about those two matches on Twitter because I’ve been social-media distancing the last couple weeks. But I can only imagine that that pro wrestling purists absolutely hated it.

Well, I loved it. And overall, I will end up praising the WWE and actually thanking Vince McMahon for keeping WrestleMania 36 on-schedule.

I was wrong. Vince was right.

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