The Rule of Law

By Kevin Devlin

I recently took a trip to Virginia Beach to visit my daughter. At Logan and the Virginia airport I showed my Mass license twice, removed my shoes, was scanned, and then briefly patted down because I have a metallic hip. Like millions of other Americans I did it (albeit grudgingly considering the political climate in the country concerning illegal immigration and views about open borders) but understand the need for order, safety, and security. Otherwise, disorder and chaos would rule the day instead of the Rule of Law.

Americans are a compassionate people and don’t want to see others suffer. Nobody wants to see children separated from their parents. Nobody wants to see pictures of dead people being taken out of trailer trucks supplied courtesy of the Mexican cartels. If people attempt to enter illegally on their own or with the assistance of paid coyotes, they bear the responsibility of whatever transpires as a consequence of their decisions. For their safety and for the safety of their children, those desirous of entering this country should attempt to do so legally.

The sad state of affairs in Mexico and especially Central America is beyond our control. U.S. Foreign aid ostensibly hasn’t fixed the problem. For decades, America played the role of the “policeman of the world” trying to maintain order and bring democracy to those in need of a better life. We can no longer afford to do this but must address the issues directly affecting Americans at home. We need to reinvest in our major cities which are crumbling, address the homeless issue, fight the opioid epidemic, reduce crime, reform our court system, feed and educate our own poor children, improve education, build new and better schools, bridges, roads and transportation systems. The list is endless.

Getting back to the problem-at-hand, we need to protect Americans from harm. We need a secure southern border and then Congress must enact a new, comprehensive immigration policy so that people enter the country legally and not illegally. Let’s just do it right for once-close the loopholes-and let common sense and decency prevail.

The Rule of Law is what keeps all of us safe. If the ordinary citizen does something wrong, we are held responsible for our actions. If not, we would do whatever we wanted to do without hesitation. Order would cease to exist. Anarchy would flourish. As citizens we abide by the laws or suffer the consequences. And so, in all fairness, those conditions should apply to anyone else who commits an illegal act in our country.