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    We’ve been hearing about how so many things matter over the last few weeks that I thought that maybe it’s time that we talk about some wines that matter; matter because they’re versatile, uniquely flavorful, a value for the money or all these things.

    Spain. Super-hot temperatures on the Costa do Sol, nights that start at 10 and end at dawn, tapas, flamenco and wine, lots of wine. At this  time of the year, more white than red with the red always at the ready for a cool evening or a big BBQ. The great white wine for this summer (and many summers past) is Albarino, from the grape by the same name. While some compare it to Chardonnay, I don’t think the comparison is valid.  Unlike Chardonnay, you have to “tug” the fruit out of a good Albarino, one like Val Do Sosego Rias Baixas, 2019 ($15.99). Produced by Bodegas as Laxas Winery and located in the Rias Baixas region in Pontevedra, Spain, this family winery has been producing wines for four generations. The wine is pale straw yellow in the glass and there were pleasant citrus flowers and lemon aromas on the nose with tastes of pear and tart green apple, leading to an elegant and acidic character with a smooth, dry finish. Best way to try this one is with any of the aforementioned Tapas at about 2 in the morning, if you can order over the music.

    When you’re down on Nantucket and you walk out onto the deck of your room and feel that warm, Sunday sun about this time of year, it’s gotta be Brunch, no matter what time it is. The best way to start the best time of any Sunday morning is with some Bianca Vigna Prosecco Brut, ($17.99). Elegant and delicate, the Bianca Vigna is one of Italy’s finest examples of Prosecco. Produced with 100% Glera from three distinct vineyards, this sparkler is full of crisp green apple and pear flavors and a full and creamy mouthfeel expertly highlighted by tight, intense bubbles. Have a few glasses with some Brioche French Toast, Caramel Sauce, Bananas, Candied Pecans and Bourbon Butter, like they serve at Topper’s. Better bring your appetite. And your wallet.

    You know what really matters? Quality personal time with” The One” that matters to you. How about Saturday night, mandatory outside dining, but on your patio, smooth jazz and lobster and all the fixings for two, that’s what. Don’t forget at least one bottle of Louis Latour Pouilly Fuisse, 2014,Burgundy, ($24.99).The nose is intense and floral, revealing notes of honey and acacia. The mouth is ample with freshness and white flower aromas and a nice minerality on the finish. The nearly unique combination of powerful body and delicate aromas that is Burgundy always elevates any meal.

    I’m pretty sure that everyone knows the name, “Patagonia”, the famous outdoor clothing line inspired by the rugged region in lower southern Argentina. Well, for the last seven or eight years something else has been happening down there. Pinot Noir wines that will blow you away. In Patagonia’s grape growing areas of Chubut, La Pampa, Neuquén, and Río Negro, one finds Argentina’s southernmost vineyards. The topography is desert-like, with plentiful sunshine during the summer days, but with cold nights.

    The 2017 Wapisa Pinot Noir, San Javier Río Negro, Patagonia, Argentina ( $19.99), spends only eight months aging in oak; so, the tannins are softer, and the acidity is vibrant. Youthful aromas and flavors of tart red berries – think cranberry and red currant – and baking spices like clove – are begging for food.

    The winery’s restaurant has suggested pairings that include herb-roasted turkey, wild rice with mushrooms and bacon, mushroom omelettes, sautéed mushrooms, cranberry and toasted pecan chutney, cold green bean casserole with citrus vinaigrette, and a roasted vegetable dish with broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and squash. However, Wapisa’s favorite recipe, mushroom parmesan savory grains scones, is sure to stand out.

    So, step back and consider all the important things that really matter-family, friends, country, integrity and moral certitude-you don’t need a Little Red Book to tell you that. But consideration is always easier with a glass of fine wine.

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