Time to Tell Radicals and Anarchists – NO!

Last week’s South Boston Today editorial focused on the vandalism taking place around the country in the name of ‘Social Justice’. We emphatically stated that it was no such thing.  It was in fact, undisciplined punks and anarchists out to destroy anything in their path, but especially the livelihoods of business owners and all symbols that are cherished by patriotic Americans. Those symbols in many cases are statues and monuments. We took a bit of heat for that one in the form of an organized campaign to make us retract what we said. Our response was an emphatic ‘NO!’

The question asked in this space today is – are there more than just a tiny handful of elected officials in this state with the courage to stand up to those out to tear down this country and turn it into a Socialist hell hole?  If there are, isn’t it about time they show some of that courage and learn how to say no? The left-wing agitators are on a tear to have everything they don’t like, agree with or approve of removed. They flood the emails, phone lines and social media pages of politicians with their demands and attempt to create the image that they are far more numerous than they actually are. And now they are going after the Lincoln Memorial in Boston. Abraham Lincoln??  He freed the slaves and guided this nation through the most divisive and violent time in our history – the Civil War. Maybe some of these protesters and those circulating petitions for the Lincoln Memorial’s removal don’t like the style of hat Lincoln is wearing.  Maybe they didn’t like his beard or the fact that he was born in a mid western state. It really doesn’t take much to have someone, somewhere offended about something. And that’s just too bad, isn’t it?

It’s time those in elected office start showing some concern and commitment for the majority of Americans who have had enough of the kowtowing and groveling and want an end to it. Remember, the election is not that far off and that is when Americans can make some REAL meaningful changes.