This week, Danny gave “Pic’s Picks” for Super Bowl LIII:

You would think that the more we watch the New England Patriots play in the Super Bowl, the easier it would be to calm the nerves leading up to the big game. That has proven to not be true, for me at least. In fact, I feel as if I’ve been getting even more nervous as the years go on. For example, this year’s AFC Championship Game in Kansas City was probably the most stressed out I’ve ever been during a Patriots playoff game. And as you know, there have been plenty of nail-biters along the way. The two-week wait doesn’t help, either. But the time has finally come. Super Bowl LIII is here, which means I must make my official prediction for the game. I’ll give you a few Super Bowl prop bets as well.

So, without further adieu, here are my picks for Super Bowl LIII.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (-2.5) over Los Angeles Rams

Like I always tell you, I bet with my head, not with my heart. But in a game like this, how can you not factor in what your heart wants, just a little bit? You know where my heart lies. But my head is also telling me that the Patriots are about to roll on a Rams team that shouldn’t even be in this game.

LA benefited from the worst non-penalty-call in NFL history in the NFC Championship. With under two minutes left in that game in New Orleans, the Rams should’ve been called for a blatant pass interference, but instead, the refs swallowed their whistles and didn’t call anything. Had they made the correct “defensive pass interference” call, then it would’ve given the Saints a first down and a chance to run the clock out before kicking an easy field goal or scoring a touchdown, which would’ve left the Rams with less than 30 seconds to drive down the field. Because of the non-call, Drew Brees’ third-down pass was incomplete and the clock stopped before they kicked a field goal, giving the Rams nearly two minutes left on the clock to drive down and tie the game and send it to overtime, where LA eventually won. There should’ve been no overtime though, and the Saints should be playing in the Super Bowl.

As I was watching that NFC Championship play out, I actually wanted the Rams to win, because I saw something in them that I didn’t see in the Saints. And it jumped off the screen.


We all know Bill Belichick’s history of dominance against young quarterbacks. But it wasn’t just Jared Goff’s first-half nerves in the NFC Championship that made me root for LA to be New England’s opponent in the Super Bowl. It was also eye-opening to see young running back Todd Gurley turn into a puddle, and also to watch 33-year-old head coach Sean McVay seemingly not have his offense prepared for crowd noise in New Orleans’ dome.

The Rams have all the talent in the world, don’t get me wrong. They’re also a consistently aggressive bunch, and you’ll probably see that with their play calling on Sunday in Atlanta. But to give the edge to McVay and Goff over Belichick and Tom Brady would be absolutely insane.

This is the Patriots’ third straight Super Bowl appearance, and their fourth Super Bowl appearance in the last five years. Belichick and Brady have literally seen it all. And I expect New England to be the more prepared team this Sunday because of it.

Not only that, but the Patriots are the best at committing to the underdog mentality, even if they’re the favorite in Vegas. However, this year, you can throw that -2.5 out the window, because there’s no doubt this Patriots team feels as disrespected as any Patriots team has ever felt. And contrary to what some of the knucklehead national media members who are starving for attention might tell you, these Patriots have every right to feel disrespected, because they have been.

From Deflategate to Brady “falling off a cliff” to Seth Wickersham’s garbage ESPN report about the demise of the Patriots’ dynasty last year, there aren’t many national talking heads who thought Belichick and Brady would still be going strong in 2019. The noise was loud. It was real. And the Patriots heard it.

That’s horrible news for the Rams.

Give me the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, 31-17.


Brady or Goff to Win Super Bowl MVP

YES (-250)

Giselle Bundchen Shown During Live Broadcast

OVER 1.5 (+120)

“Greatest Show on Turf” Said During Live Broadcast

YES (+150)

Tony Romo Says “Here We Go”

OVER 2.5 (+150)

Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Coach

RED (+600)

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