The Information Center – News Media Toddlers and MAGA Hats

By John Ciccone

We’ll briefly lead with a comment about the news media once again. Last week, there was yet another display of how slanted, biased and even childish the leftwing/mainstream media has become, as they continue to melt down about the idea of Donald Trump occupying the White House. It’s almost comical.

For more than three weeks during the partial government shutdown, the press was all over President Trump calling him heartless, cold, evil, mean, stubborn and pretty much an al- around horrible person, because THEY said, he refused to compromise with Democrats and open up the 25% of the government that was shut down. It was nonstop, 24/7 and relentless. So, when the President finally did agree, on his own, not because of media pressure to sign a ‘temporary’ agreement to reopen, the media’s response, to summarize it and translate it was ‘HA HA, Trump caved, Pelosi won!! See? He backed down and turned on his supporters.’

The press was ecstatic and was strutting around for days after the signing and still are. They acted like little children, who believed they got their way after taking tantrums, stomping their feet and making crying demands, and now it was time to gloat and stick their tongues out at the Republicans and of course call everyone a racist just for good measure.

The media never learns and they always under estimate this President. He has several options and he stated clearly that, if there is no agreement in three weeks on money to finish building a wall to keep the drugs, the dealers, the gangs, the human traffickers and yes, terrorists from coming in from the Mexican side, he will use those options and get that needed money. As President, it’s his primary job to do all in his power to keep Americans safe and securing the border, including building a wall, is a major part of accomplishing that goal. The opposition, by their actions, seems to have no problem with the crime that comes with open borders, especially if they think there is a chance to get new voters for their side.

I consider myself blessed to have so many good friends; I cherish them all. A few of those friends are in favor of abortion. On this we will continue to disagree. But even my pro-abortion friends, male and female, all of them, were shocked and disgusted, when it was shown on the news last week, New York’s Democrat Governor Cuomo signing a bill and making it law in that State to be able to abort a baby not just in the 3rd trimester of a pregnancy but right up until birth. And while it was being signed, the liberal activists in the background were wildly applauding him for doing this.

The question being asked is what kind of monsters are these? These same people are screaming about blocking people from coming over the border illegally, they say it is not moral to do so, yet they favor killing a child even a second before its birth? As outraged Americans are saying: ‘In New York, they try to ban people from buying large sodas, you can’t give the death penalty to convicted murderers, but a law that makes killing a child, as its about to be born, is legal is something to celebrate?  Can it get any sicker? And what kind of people are Democrat voters electing in that state?  

Myself and a few friends bought the red MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats and recently went to New Hampshire. We made it a point to wear them when we were among large groups of people to see what the reaction would be since Hollywood actresses and media types demanded that Americans stop wearing them. To our surprise, the response was overwhelmingly positive. We wore them in stores, at a ski mountain and to other crowded winter activities. Here is the reaction, the count that I got for myself. Only 3 eye rolls, but several dozen thumbs up signs and a lot of handshakes. One woman, who was working a Lowe’s, took her break and followed me out to the parking lot and asked if she could buy my hat – she offered me $20, I only paid $10. I thanked her and politely refused but told her where she could order one online. A Korean War vet in a wheel chair at a McDonalds asked where he could get one for himself and his wife. I thanked him for his service and gave him mine, one of the people with me gave him his to give to his wife. We’ve since ordered new ones. The same overwhelmingly positive response was reported by my buddies. It was all a pleasant surprise, but in a way, a tiny bit of a letdown as well.  We were anticipating at least a couple of confrontations. Oh well.