It’s All About Weight, Length & Volume for St Peter Academy K1 Students


Ms. Sawyer’s four year old K1 students have been learning about weight length and volume.  Three action stations were set up to deepen their understanding of these concepts. While working on the materials at each station, students were encouraged to use the academic language they have learned to describe the relationship between objects. (The scissors are heavier than the eraser, 7 cubes are the same length as the orange marker, the large container can hold more rice than the round lid etc.)

They recorded their results in their math journals and shared their notes together as a large group. During student debrief Ms. Sawyer encouraged her students to make connections and use the new academic vocabulary when expressing their reflections.

Ms. Sawyer summed it up best. “I was over the moon while observing my students working at their stations. They were engaged, worked so well together and did a wonderful job writing in their journals.”  Another great Math lesson by one of St Peter Academy’s talented teachers.


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