What’s in a Word?

By Lisa Gilbert, Principal of St. Peter Academy

The fourth and fifth grade students at St. Peter Academy are learning about words.  And not just any words!  Using the popular and time-tested series, Wordly Wise, as their base text, they are taking a deep dive into academic vocabulary.  They’re learning definitions, roots, synonyms, antonyms, and parts of speech. 

Each week they read an informational written piece with the current vocabulary words embedded in it.  Students choose one or more unfamiliar word to depict in an artistic manner on a large banner posted in the school community room.  They are creating a word wall with all the new words they are learning each week.  Being the oldest in the school, they then go back and teach the younger students the new words they have learned during one of our morning assemblies.  One student who  attend the after-school Vocabulary Club stated, “It’s actually kind of fun!”  Who said vocabulary was boring?!

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