Admiral Farragut Statue Rededication

Not Even The Pouring Rain Could Dampen The Spirit

In South Boston, bad weather seldom interferes with what’s important. Last weekend proved that once again, as even a heavy downpour rainstorm couldn’t stop the rededication of the Admiral Farragut Statue across from Pleasure Bay. It went off right on schedule. The viewing public, our local elected officials – State Rep David Biele, and City Councilors Mike Flaherty and Edward Flynn along with Tommy McGrath, Bernie O’Donnell, Sr., Bernie O’Donnell Jr., Bob and Phyllis Allison, Bob and Kelly O’Shea, the Lee children accompanied by their mother Erin turned out to be part of remembering this historic figure from America’s proud past.

Sponsored by the South Boston Citizens Association, after some resistance from the Department of Conservation and Recreation over whether to even issue a permit for ceremony, the rededication was very impressive.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day Chief Parade Marshal, Lt. Colonel John Beatty, US Army (Retired), lead the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance and Brian Bishop did a fantastic job of singing our National Anthem. The Farragut Statue had been rededicated back in 1993 to commemorate its 100th year and last weekend, as the wreath was laid, was year 125.

Admiral Daniel Glasgow Farragut is a standout figure in our nation’s history for his impressive heroism, military genius and many accomplishments. He made his mark during the American Civil War and won accolades from military leaders not only in this country, but from those in many other nations around the world. He was admired and even envied internationally. One could say that Farragut’s naval career began when he was just 9 year’s old, when he came aboard his first ship as a young midshipman. As he grew in years and experience, once he became an adult, he worked his way up through the naval ranks to become the US Navy’s first official admiral.

In the opinion of many, the placement of the Farragut Statue in South Boston, a town famous for its unwavering support of America’s armed forces, is a fitting place indeed for it to call home. It adds to the great pride of this unique community.