Councilors Flynn & Flaherty Hearing On South Boston Waterfront City Services

District City Councilor Ed Flynn and At-Large Michael Flaherty called for a hearing regarding city services and public facilities on the South Boston Waterfront. They called attention to equal access to basic city services for taxpaying residents and the lack of public facilities – such as a library, community center or civic space, police and fire stations – despite the unprecedented development and growth that has taken place in the neighborhood.

“To me, this is all about public safety and equal access to basic city services for all of our residents,” said Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn. “I have spoken to many constituents in the South Boston Waterfront and Fort Point neighborhoods that are very concerned about response time and what would happen if an emergency took place during rush hour traffic. Residents also talk about civic space and a library for their families. I believe this conversation is important because we need to do all we can to make sure our residents have equal access city services.”

City Councilor At Large Michael Flaherty noted that, “As we continue to welcome new businesses, restaurants and developments, we need to ensure we’re including public spaces, such as libraries, schools and other municipal buildings that are often anchor institutions in other neighborhoods. These spaces allow neighbors to gather and host meetings, events and celebrations that truly allow residents to form a sense of community.”

For more information, please contact Councilor Flynn’s office at 617-635-3203 & Ed.Flynn@Boston.Gov or Councilor Flaherty’s office at 617-635-4205 &