The Information Center Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

In the opinion of millions of Americans, probably the most distrusted and disliked politician in America today is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She’s been in the news quite a bit as of late, desperately trying to hold on to her influence in the Democrat party by veering even further to the left than ever.  She does this in an effort to keep up with the newly elected members of her caucus, who many people are convinced, are Anti- American, and some suspect are certifiably insane.

Speaker Pelosi, however, is still maintaining her reputation of being a hypocrite. A social media post, which has been going viral since Ash Wednesday describes it pretty well. The post has a picture of Pelosi with ashes on her forehead, marking the first day of Lent with the following words: “When you advocate for killing babies after birth and then you have ash on your forehead for Ash Wednesday – Unbelievable” This pretty much says it all.

It appears that Madam Speaker has a dilemma. Her new members seem to be the one’s calling the shots in her party now and she can’t figure out how to deal with it. This was also evident last week, when the vile radical Islamic and new Congresswoman Llhan Omar made yet another anti-Semitic rant to go with all the others she has made in the past. Pelosi, thinking that condemning Omar would get support from everyone in her party, which it should have, learned quickly how wrong she was. To her surprise, many of those whom she considered allies came out in support of Omar and defended her. Pelosi quickly backed down and tried to make excuses for Omar, saying that she really isn’t anti-Semitic and that she just must not have realized what she was saying. Oh please.

Here’s the thing. Omar, and those other radicals know exactly what they are saying and doing. By their past statements and actions and by those they ally themselves with, most Americans believe they don’t even try to hide that they hate Jews, hate Christians and hate America; and every member of the Democrat party leadership knows it. So where does that leave Pelosi and the other party ‘leaders’? They haven’t got a clue but it’s sure to get interesting in the coming months.  Their current status is that the old guard leadership is cowering and is being held hostage to the wave of new radicals that were just elected, including of course the deep thinking and brilliant (sarcasm) Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Staying on liberal Democrat politics, they also just voted to support allowing illegal aliens to vote. Can there still be anyone out there who can’t figure out why this party fights so hard against building a border wall and against voter ID laws? Seriously? Oh, and let’s not forget the recent push by that other newly elected Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts. She wants to lower the voting age to 16. She probably believes there just aren’t enough people over the age of 18 still gullible enough to go along with the looney leftist ideas that she and her allies espouse. 

And finally, in last week’s column it was noted that county sheriffs across the country are refusing to enforce the new gun control laws being pushed in several states. These sheriffs come right out to defy the state legislatures, because, as they say, they took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. The 2nd Amendment is part of the Constitution and these new laws deny law abiding Americans  those rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Well, there is a new development taking place in regard to this.  The sheriffs have doubled down and are declaring the counties they serve to be ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties’, where these new laws will be ignored, and citizens will be protected from prosecution when they refuse to obey them. This has made liberal lawmakers furious, but at a loss of what to do about it. In a way, this could be classified as ‘Karma’. Because they are the same lawmakers who are big supporters of Sanctuary Cities, where illegal alien criminals are actually protected from ICE and are allowed to go free, in many cases even after they have committed the most heinous of crimes. To quote a line from the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ – “How do you like THEM apples?”