Call for Alternative Plans

Federal, State, and City elected officials representing South Boston recently wrote to State and City officials in opposition of the proposal for the redevelopment of the Edison Plant and calling for alternative proposals to be analyzed and presented to the public.

Congressman Lynch, State Senator Collins, City Councilor-At-Large Flaherty, City Councilor Flynn, and State Representative-Elect Biele unanimously expressed their concerns in a letter submitted to the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MEPA).

The elected officials called for the proponents to study and present “viable alternatives” to the current proposal, including office space, commercial spaces, and light industrial space “consistent with the surrounding port and terminals.” The letter specifically requests more information on each possible scenario’s impacts on “environmental, traffic, and transportation conditions”, the three main areas of concern for abutters, neighbors, and residents.

Pointing to unanswered questions around future access to the Haul Road for existing businesses and industries, air quality, congestion, density, and traffic impacts, they requested a more clear picture of the daily traffic projections at the site, as well as the formula used to calculate those projections, so that the community can fully weigh the cost-benefit analysis of such a large traffic impact.

Finally, the elected officials brought up concerns about public access to the waterfront and private ownership of new streets, possibly limited public access to and enjoyment of the waterfront. Not only does the project’s proposal for two 100-foot buildings and one 200-foot building bring serious concerns about density, it also could form a barrier blocking the neighborhood off from the waterfront.

The project requires final approval from the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The proponents must first write a Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR). Residents are being asked to call in or submit an email with their concerns about the project to:


Tim Czerwienski, Project Manager                           Alex Strysky, MEPA Analyst

BPDA                                                                         MEPA

617-918-5303, [email protected]          617-626-1205, [email protected]