The Information Center – Finally, The Election is Behind Us, The Christmas Season Is Upon Us

With the 2018 Midterm elections getting further away in the rear-view mirror, much of the talk about all the election fraud that went on, how the Democrats took the House of Representatives and the Republicans increased their numbers in the US Senate which is sure to lead to more federal judges appointed by them, is starting to fade, especially with the Christmas Season upon us. But I’m still taking a ribbing from my out of state friends teasing me about how this state actually re-elected Elizabeth Warren.

It’s been said many times by political operatives in Warren’s home state of Oklahoma that the reason she didn’t run for office back there is because she’d be lucky to get two dozen votes and that she moved to Massachusetts, because this is probably the only state in which she could actually win, since so many Americans consider her to be well – nuts. But according to Rush Limbaugh, the fact that her little-known opponent got nearly 40% of the vote suggests that maybe there are more sane people living in the Bay State than was first thought. Interesting.  Whatever the reason, considering her high negativity level among so many voters nationwide, it’s no wonder President Trump keeps hoping she is his opponent in the next presidential election.

Most people are opting not to watch what used to be the big celebrity award shows like the Emmy’s, The Oscars, the MTV awards, because Americans are bored with them and tired of all the political lectures coming from the stage, where they tell the rest of us how bad our country is and that if we don’t live, think, speak and of course vote like they do we are pretty much Spawns of the Devil.

Because of all the scolding, preening and ego driven drivel coming from these celebs, the viewership keeps dropping like a ton of bricks. But last week’s Country Music Awards (CMA’s) actually saw its viewership get a lot bigger.  The reason? It was announced way ahead of time that there would be no politics coming from the performers. The CMA producers with the blessing of the performers themselves promised that unlike those other award shows, theirs would not turn into an anti-Trump hate fest, a gun control campaign or a Global Warming scare session.  And because of this, the public got to see and hear some great performances without all the left-wing indoctrination.

This however did not sit well with at least one of the ‘ladies’ of ‘The View’. Joy Behar was very upset, because no one made fun of the president and the performers were not afraid to thank God for their success. The CMA’s offended Joy Behar because the goal of the show was to have fun and display real talent and not subject the audience to a bunch of pampered, brooding, scowling, and scolding political activists. It was refreshing.

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, it’s typically a time to enjoy the company of friends and family, partake in a feast or two and reflect on all we have to be thankful for as Americans.  And we do have much to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is truly a beautiful tradition. It, of course, also marks the official beginning of the Christmas Season, also one of the nation’s biggest traditions and in fact a tradition celebrated in much of the world.

As we do each year, we urge people not to be afraid to keep the season traditional and to celebrate its true meaning and not let political correctness ruin it. Yes, it’s ok to say Merry Christmas.  Those who get offended when wished a Merry Christmas; whether they are Christian or not, have a problem. And as we also say each year, remember, if it’s a lit up, decorated evergreen tree in December, it’s a Christmas Tree. It’s not a holiday tree or a winter solstice shrub. It’s a Christmas tree.

To all of our readers from all of us here at South Boston Today, have a Happy Thanksgiving.