Editorial – Thanksgiving – The Uniquely American and Oh So Cool Holiday

What can we say about Thanksgiving? It seems to be considered by many Americans as that very cool, uniquely American holiday where people kind of just kick back, relax and enjoy the official start to the holiday season. No pressure. Others feel that it’s the calm before the storm, as the day immediately thereafter, the Christmas Season begins and the mad rush to shop for those special gifts, make social plans and frenzied decorating commences. Perhaps it’s some of it all. However you view it, why not make it a time to savor and cherish?

The football games, the gathering with family and close friends and of course the food – oh yes, the food – and often so much of it/too much of it.

But, it’s also a time to reflect on the fact that in America, when you compare our situation with that of so many other places around the world, we really do have much to give thanks for. We have our freedom and liberties that people in so many other countries can only dream about. The overall living standard is the envy of most of the world and we are not a nation that is ravaged by war. With millions all over the world clamoring to come here, we can give thanks that we ARE here. From all of us at South Boston Today to all of our readers, have a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for you.