In South Boston, Memorial Day Has That Special, Traditional Meaning


Memorial Day is set aside to remember and to honor America’s heroes, who served in our country’s armed forces and put their lives on the line. Many lost their lives so that all of us could enjoy the freedom and liberty that our Nation’s Founding Fathers envisioned for us when they drew up that amazing document called the Constitution of the United States. South Boston has had many sons and daughters, who never returned from fighting our country’s battles. On a per capita scale, there may not be another community anywhere that had more.

This weekend, many people will make that solemn journey to a cemetery, where a family member is buried and lay a wreath or flowers at a grave site. Others will attend a special virtual Church Service, proudly display Old Glory, but will not attend a Memorial Day dedication or parade due to Covid 19. For Americans, at least in the opinion of South Bostonians, remembering and honoring our veterans, especially those who are no longer among us, should always remain the most important reason for this holiday.

We owe it to those heroes to never forget the sacrifices made on our behalf. It makes us proud that so many of our neighbors never have and never will. And one more thing. If not for those fallen heroes and those who served with them over the last 200 plus years, right up until today, 2020, the United States of America would not exist. So, when or if you are out and about this coming Memorial Day weekend, if you are approached by a veteran asking for a donation for worthy veteran’s causes and offering you a red ‘poppy’ in return, why not reach into your pocket and donate what you can and thank them for their service. This gesture of gratitude is very much appreciated by those who served and continue to serve our great country.

From all of us here at South Boston Today, Honor Memorial Day!