Violent Felons’ Early Release From Prisons Committing More Crimes? Shocking!

The early release of violent prisoners in the stated effort to keep them safe from catching Covid-19 is doing anything but keeping the general public safe. There has been an uptick in crime since this policy was put in place by Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins and far too many times it is being caused by those released prisoners.

At a press conference called last week in response to the shooting of 3 males, one of whom died of his wounds, Rollins stated that there has been a rise in gun crimes during the ‘pandemic’. To which many citizens have replied – what the h..l did she expect.? Did she actually think that released violent criminals were going to ‘shelter in place’ and read the Bible?

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross sounded frustrated in response to the criminal activity and the early release of prisoners. He said violent offenders should not be released regardless of the health risks posed by staying incarcerated. “People who have been locked up for violent offenses and carrying a(n) {illegal} firearm should not be released on personals and I could care less if they get sick in jail or not” Gross stated. “They are a danger to the community…”

That such policies are actually put into play with the expectation that any good would come of it is mind numbing. But even more incredible is the response to the increase by those who implement such policies expressing shock at the results. It brings to mind the recent press conference by New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, who also released violent prisoners back onto the streets. He also appeared shocked that they were back out committing more violent crimes.

Watching the reaction by DeBlasio and Rollins and likeminded officials in other cities to the tragic results of their actions, highlights just how removed from reality they are and how out of touch they have become with the people they are supposed to be serving and keeping safe. That their political agendas and ideology play a major role in these misguided and dangerous decisions they make is a good bet.